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Ashley 6 days ago


Oh. My. Goodness. I came in with my mom and we bought a few different pastries and they were so fresh and delicious. You can really taste the quality of the ingredients, and the flavors made me want to go back to Europe!

Alissa 11 days ago


The tiramisu is fantastic! Perfection! The gelato is also phenomenal! An absolute must!

Winwin1 15 days ago

Half Roast Chicken

I had this dish 2 weeks ago. Surprising moist chicken and not too oily. The veggies and roast potatoes were nicely done as well. Will try again.

Winwin1 15 days ago

Fettuccine Salmon

Very nice and soft fresh fettuccine. Love that it is not very heavy and light. Best Fettuccine in ventura county!

Martabernal2009 18 days ago



Alebmartinez88 21 days ago

Breakfast Sandwich

Wow! That's exactly what I said after I took the first bite out of my breakfast sandwich. I substituted the mayo with pesto after someone recommend it and Wow! It was amazing. The asthethics alone make you want to just hangout here but the food and pastries definitely make you keep coming back. I bought the individual cakes for my bosses birthday and she was impressed first by the beautiful blue and gold box but then by each individual flavor of each beautiful mini cake. I would highly recommend eating here and staying for dessert or taking something for later. A true gem in Moorpark!! :)

Tami 22 days ago

Sriracha Burger

How dare you make me pick one item to review! Everything on their menu is amazing! This burger is the best burger you will ever eat and get it with the fries!!! I always follow it up with a Velina and a latte! It's the atmosphere and the staff that rounds out the experience!

Trangwoodman 26 days ago


It is delicious and it is my favorite bakery

Julianne about 1 month ago

Gnocchi Pesto

Oh my oh my! It's just melts in your mouth like butter and so rich in flavor and the best gnocchi in my 25 years! I took my 93 year old client here and she said the best Italian food ever in her whole life!! I love to brag about Carrara's and love going there for date night and with family and friends! I can't tell you how much this place is my happy place

Liles about 1 month ago

Pretzel Bun Burger

Stopped by Carrara for lunch one day after hearing about it from the in-laws. Really nice, clean and open dining area with great atmosphere. The pretzel bun burger was really good - meat was juicy and delicious, bun was fresh and the whole thing tasted very gourmet. Truffle fries were the perfect side. My wife had the steak sandwich which was also great (maybe even better). Finished off lunch with an incredible white chocolate & raspberry dessert. It was spongy, just the right amount of sweetness and leaves you wanting more.

Jewel about 1 month ago

Chicken Paillard

Excellent! What great food! A friend took us here. Fabulous find.

Vil about 1 month ago

Mushroom Risotto

I absolutely LOVE everything at Carrara's but one of my all time favorites is the mushroom risotto! I always add shrimp and they are always fresh and cooked to perfection. This dish is so smooth and creamy with just the right amount of sauce so it doesn't become "stiff" while eating it. This dish is bursting with flavor and satisfies time and time again!

Pete1701a about 1 month ago


This was our first time at Carraras and boy was it a delight. The food and the service were wonderful. We had 4 in our party and we tried 3 different dishes. Two of us had the special Gnocchi with Duck Ragu. Perfectly cooked gnocchi with a flavorful Ragu on top. Delicious! Another had the special Risotto with shaved Scallops. Creamy yet light and flavorful! Not to be forgotten was the Lasagna. They use a Beschamel instead of a ricotta and it makes it lighter than you'd expect but with an excellent taste. For dessert make sure to try the cannolis. We will be back!

Hdektarg about 1 month ago

Yogurt Wildberry

My family and I love this unique cake so much. It's a light, refreshing dessert that is excellent for any party or occasion! The flavors are absorbed into the cake, and it tastes absolutely divine!

Melissawhite86 about 2 months ago

Insalata di Salmone

This is my favorite dish! the salmon is always cooked perfectly, the pesto dressing is fresh and goes great with the tangy mango. The dish is colorful and looks as great as it tastes.

Jwatanarn about 2 months ago

Grilled Octopus

I'd only been here before for the lovely pastries but it doesn't stop there! Had the family there for dinner last night. Enjoyed the clams, muscles and octopus appetizers. That was the most tender octopus ever! We all ordered different entres and everyone was delighted. Vanessa (Veronica? sorry if that isn't correct) handled our large-ish group with ease. The entire staff was on top of it. Enjoyed the guitar music, too. And oh, the desserts!! Hope to be back very soon.

Simona 7 days ago


the most delicious cake!

Laurenradin1 12 days ago

Avocado Toast

Best avocado toast in Moorpark! The avocado to break ratio was perfect and I love the seasoning! Would highly recommended!

Winwin1 15 days ago

Squid Ink Chitarrine

Best dish from the restaurant! Pasta is fresh and light. Seafood is very tasty. I ordered it almost every other time when I visit the restaurant ... which is almost every 2-4 weeks!

Joseyphiny 18 days ago

Grilled Salmon

The grilled salmon was absolutely to die for! The texture was that perfectly like and tender enough to flake off without touching my knife. And the seasoning was simple, not too overpowering, but just enough. Not only was my server personable and friendly, she recommended the Prosecco to go with my fish, which was perfect, and was great at checking in, as well as the other servers. I've honestly never had a bad experience in here in the years it's grown and been around!

Fish 19 days ago


Every time we go into Carrara's, we are immediately met with smiles and warm service. They've been known to share samples of their delicious food when they find out you're a newcomer, and they are always happy to tell you more about the company history and culture. Try it out the next time you have a sweet tooth!

G 22 days ago

Crostatine di Frutta


Bill 26 days ago

Double-Cut Pork Chop

I've literally had dreams about this pork chop, only to wake full of disappointment when I realized that it was a Monday and that Carrara's would not be open. The preparation is spectacular, as they achieve a wonderful crispy and flavorful sear while maintaining a juicy tenderness that is simply incomparable. The sauce that comes with it is so decadent as to feel sinful. I find the potatoes and sautéed mushrooms to be the perfect accompaniment.

Ivanna about 1 month ago


Carrara's is simply ridiculous. The pastries and cakes made here are second to none. My first experience was so amazing (service was on point!) and made quite the impression on the lucky people who got to eat the Velina cake I bought. I now come here for every single occasion where cake or pastries are appropriate (which is most occasions). I had friends over for dinner, got some Carraras. I went to a friends for dinner, brought Carraras. I go to visit clients, I bring Carraras. Simply everyone loves their pastries and rightfully so. They're just that good!

Dawnpuskas about 1 month ago


I highly recommend ANY of the pastries. I placed a difficult order, but it was handled with courtesy and professionalism. Every pastry was delicious. The only issue was that I should have ordered more! (And not because the servings were small, we just enjoyed them that much!)

Meddymusic about 1 month ago

Double-Cut Pork Chop

AMAZING!! Perfectly prepared. Incomparable sauce. And the homemade cole slaw with it is perfection!

Juliecaruso11 about 1 month ago

Yogurt Mousse


Miletteramos about 1 month ago

Yogurt Wildberry

The Yogurt Wildberry Cake is so delightful. Just the right amount of sweetness. Amazingly good :)

Hdektarg about 1 month ago

Insalata di Salmone

This is one of my favorite items on the menu! The salmon is always cooked perfectly and placed on a delicious bed of freshly made pesto. The salad is simple, but dressed in a fantastic balsamic vinaigrette. If you're usually not a fan of salmon, believe me, this plate will convert you!

Ayemihall9 about 1 month ago

Panino con Pollo

I love fancy pastries and came here to show my friends the incredibly exquisite treats. But since we came at lunch, we decided to grab some entrees as well. Well we were not disappointed! I got the panino con pollo and it was superb. The bread was perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The grilled chicken inside was flavorful, and I liked that it was sliced thin to make it easier to eat. With the pesto and other delightful flavors inside I just loved it. My friends got the pesto gnocchi and mushroom risotto and I tried their food and oh my gosh. The gnocchi was melt in your mouth tender with that same incredible house made fresh pesto and the risotto had the perfect texture- creamy and toothsome, with sautéed mushrooms. We were all oohing and ahhing over the food ! And finished it all off with the best pastries in town by FAR! We love this place and will come back again and again!

Phillipagreenwood about 2 months ago


These delicious morsels are the best pastries I have ever tasted. My family like to have them while we watch "great British bake-off" :) It's my birthday in November so I have already decided to drop in and get one of all the pastries I like (which will be a lot and more fun than a birthday cake). Thank you for bringing homemade Italian pastries to California!


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