About Us.

Carrara Pastries is a family-owned pasticceria featuring authentic home made Italian desserts.

The combination of our passion and use of the freshest and finest ingredients from the Italian territory allow us to create incredible pastries that will meet the request of every sweets lover. Our pastry chef Massimiliano Carrara, a native from the city of Lucca (Tuscany), is renowned in his country after graduating from the Italian Pastries Academy of Rimini. He has practiced his passion for cake creations for over 15 years and perfected the arts of chocolate sculpting and sugar pulling technique. Your dreams and cravings are awaiting our expertise to make the fantasy a reality as each exclusive dessert will make your mouth water.

In Italy, a kindness is often repaid or a guest welcomed with a box of sweets from the Pasticceria on the corner. Brothers Damiano and Massimiliano Carrara, natives of Lucca Tuscany, in Italy, founded Carrara Pastries to share that culture with as many as possible. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients so that we may deliver an outstanding product that we are proud of. Our mission is for our guests to be transported to Italy the moment they walk through our doors, and that they will taste and feel our passion for the highest quality product and service every time they visit.